Managed FundsMulti-asset

Centurion's multi-asset portfolios are managed by David Rawson-Mackenzie.

Our multi asset portfolio combines the skills of all internal managers focusing on managed futures, long only and non-correlated alternatives. External managers are utilized for selected managed futures strategies

Managed Future

Centurion's managed futures portfolios are managed by Stefano Amato.

Our managed futures strategies combine trend and opportunistic models to gain exposure in more than 100 global managed futures markets across all major asset classes.

The portfolios are dynamically rebalanced aiming to monetise opportunities arising from large price movements that periodically occur in financial markets.

Structured Products

Centurion's Structured Products portfolio is managed by Pollyanna Wan.

Our structured products focus on combining lending, collateralised by limited market correlation assets, with an element of liquidity and tax structuring to enhance net returns to investors. Mostly designed around the requirements of fund managers and family offices they are usually bespoke in nature all within the real estate, longevity or trade finance sectors.

Mastercard / VISA Accounts

Centurion's Sovereign Gold provides access to money market accounts without the need for a personal bank account.