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A Focus on Alternatives

Centurion Fund Managers is part of the Centurion Group, which offers multi-level financial services, and was founded in 1995.

Centurion Fund Managers (CFM) is an asset management company with a strong focus in alternative investments. With over $400m under management across a range of asset classes, its products are for both institutional and professional investors.

CFM's products include open funds, closed-ended funds and structured notes; with multiple investment strategies they often focus on individual groups of investor's requirements.

CFM and its sister companies have offices in London, Luxembourg and Mauritius, with representative offices in Hong Kong and Miami.

Our aim is to be market leaders in non-correlated alternatives asset investment strategies - ranging from longevity-linked real estate investment to trade finance and to develop innovative products in these sectors in response to changing market needs.

With the focus on optimising investment returns to individual groups of investors, more esoteric investments are often structured for tax efficiency using sophisticated financial instruments.

David Rawson-Mackenzie
Managing Director

Fund Managers